Saturday, 28th June 2014

Today I started working on an interesting experiment in sound and Waves. It is very  difficult to do experiments involving Doppler Effect in conventional laboratory. But with the help of ExpEYES Doppler Effect can be Demonstrated very easily.

The experimental set-up for demonstration of Doppler effect is ready. We need a moving source relative to the detector. Detector is the simple mic inside ExpEYES. For getting  a source which is harmonically oscillating, I used A buzzer attached to a spiral spring and made it oscillate in-front of the mic.

First, the frequency of the emitted signal is measured at rest. Then, the frequency shift that is caused by the oscillating source is measured. this can easily demonstrate ‘the apparent change in the frequency due to Doppler Effect.

My next step is to develop a set-up to measure Doppler Shift in case of a moving source with constant velocity. For this I am planning to use my linear air track which is developed for mechanics experiments, so that the cost can be reduced.



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