GSoC Weekly Report 2

Last week I spent most of my time reading  documentation and tutorials on Git. Now little confident of my Git repository work.

After having  many trials and failed attempts of plotting acceleration graphs,  yesterday got it  working. feeling happy….

Now this program can be used in many experiments  in mechanics.  Spring oscillations experiment is also ready.

Need to polish the programs add user friendly details on the GUI. It will be a good idea If I can add schematic experimental setup on the GUI itself. It will help students to explore these experiments on their own.

This weeks work in points

  • Got the linear air track polished . problem of friction is partially solved.
  • Code to plot position time graph is completely ready. Need to add comments and commit on GITHUB.
  • First success with acceleration time graph. Need to work on GUI
  • Designed three new experiments with sound waves by manual methods.
  • We need TWO sine wave generators. Ajith Sir  has promised to help with the electronic design. Right now could get sine waves fro microcontroller board connected to expeyes. ( the code is from Kishore A)
  • Need to write detailed reports and daily commits.

Next week I must work more on the repository.

Here is the link


GSoC weekly report 1

Its the time to write my first weekly report.
This week I continued working on linear air track. The set up is ready but giving some problems due to friction at some points.

Wrote a program  to access SRF05 ultrasonic sensor and could get the first positive result in my lab  [  at my home 🙂  ].

Ajith sir helped me with a call function ‘srfechotime’ to access srf sensor module.

I’d like to improve it and add many things to it to create  a GUI where all the three graphs ( position, velocity and acceleration ).

This week I could also set up experiment with oscillations of spring. Need to modify the srf code to plot Energy graphs from position.

Need to commit these code lines to Git.



  • Motion sensor got spoiled ( may be due to wrong connection) need to find out the exact reason so that this can be avoided from happening again.
  • There is little friction at some points on linear air track. Need to get it polished.
  • Faced problems in calculating acceleration and plotting it against time.

Since I am a  beginner in the field of programming, I need to work really hard on the following things

  • Get familiar with  Github procedures.
  • Work on Designing GUI using python ( Currently not able to alter the graph scale )
  • Documentation of all experiments in detail.
  • Commenting in the code.

Coding Has Begun………

Today is the first day of coding. Really excited  but little scared too….. with the responsibility that has come with this oppurtinity to contribute to the open source community.

Yesterday got a mail from Payoneer saying “Google Summer of Code has transferred a payment to your bank account”. Got my first GSoC payment. This is really a great news as I have already spent  about Twenty Five Thousand  Rupees on procuring the required equipments for development like Motion Sensors, Linear air track ( got it designed and manufactured locally…that saved a lot of money) Soldering Station and Air Blower.

Now its time that  I really need to dedicate more time for some serious work. Planned to complete at least one experiment involving linear motion on frictionless platform. with a code for GUI to plot position- time graph. Earlier one attempt is failed due to malfunctioning of the sensor. I have procured new ultrasonic  sensor SRF 05 from fab-to-lab Bangalore.
Need more pieces  but its difficult to obtain these sensors as they are to be imported from China.

Also need to set up Linear air Track. Write document on design of low cost  Linear air track.

Getting started with GSoC’14

I will edit this post little later . It will be about my FOSSASIA  experience , proposal submission and basic preparation and work for  GSoc  project ( which includes experimenting with sensors, planning disfferent experiments etc…) . Also all the work we have done during my stay at IUAC Delhi (27th April to 3rd May 2014).

Right Now just adding some time line images of GSoC.

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