Two roads diverged in a wood, and I….
I took the one less traveled by,
And that made all the difference.                                

                          —————————–Robert Frost

I am a Physics Teacher from India and and a student too…. 🙂 I am pursuing my Ph.D. from VTU, Belgaum.

Physics is a subject I am truly passionate about and truly love. I cannot say, “I knew I wanted to become a physics teacher ever since I was a kid.” In fact it took me twenty-five years to realize this is what I wanted to do.

During my M.Sc. days I was inspired by the huge collection of books on general  science and physics in university library . I felt a driving need to understand this counter-intuitive subject. This led me back to fundamental concepts, and while studying these concepts I continually found myself asking new questions, searching for understanding. I was fueled by the thrill and exhilaration of truly understanding a concept. These feelings were not limited to the act of answering a question, they were also present when I asked a piercing question. This created an addicting cyclical process; the more I began to understand the more questions I had. Eventually it became apparent that my exploration of physics had become more than a hobby and that it was the one subject that I held an uncommon passion for. I reached the conclusion that the best way to fuel my passion was to continue as a physics teacher.

I am interested in constantly solving unique problems, forging new ground. this is fueled by my teachers (some of them are ,now, my colleagues). I want to travel to the places where the map reads, “here there is no human influence on nature,” and use curiosity as my compass.Additionally I look forward to the chance of not only passing on my knowledge of the subject but also my passion.


The next best thing happened  to me was  ‘Project Phoenix’ the first open hardware project from INDIA  where  Dr. Ajithkumar from IUAC, New Delhi, introduction to Free and Open Source Software and an open source portable science lab which he has developed. Now I am volunteering for ExpEYES.


This blog is about my journey with the freedom and  joy offered by FOSS and the learning experiences………………



Praveen Patil







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  1. The more I am getting to know about you, I am spellbound. I thank SHD Belgaum to have introduced me to the world of open-source. I have been learning something new every minute ever since…:)

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