Tuesday, 17th June 2014

Today I continued to  work with Documentation. Received additional Ultrasonic sensors SRF 05  today by courier. Did the testing work for all ten pieces of srf modules. They all are working good.

Now I can apply all trial and error methods to explore…… 🙂

Wrote three programs for time measurement using photo-gates and explored the use of time measurement functions like r2rtime r2f time and multir2rtime and updated changes to Git repo.

Facing some difficulties in an experiment while using two photo-gates simultaneously for time measurements. One gate can be connected to SEN input of ExpEYES. Tried the other gate with IN1 and IN2 …it did not work. Need to study functioning of this gate and inputs IN1 and IN2.

Last time when I did this experiment, apparently it worked, I did use the old photo-gate(the design of the old photogate is different than the new one). We must find a way to use the new photo gate as its design is simple ( no extra transistor), with terminal other than SEN. I am studying this programmers manual and user manual to explore the possibilities…..


There are some

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