Tuesday, 22nd July 2014

Today I started working on an interesting experiment of Helmholtz Resonator.

A Helmholtz resonator is generally, a container of gas (usually air) with an open  neck or port. A volume of air in and near the open hole vibrates and produces audible sound with specific frequency. A common example is an empty bottle: the air inside vibrates when you blow across the top (It’s a fun experiment, because of the surprisingly low frequency and loud sound that results.)

I wrote a python program to  digitize sound resulted from different resonators. With this program it is possible to change the frequency of source and when it matches with the natural frequency of resonator, a loud sound is produced.

Tested the code with a bottle ( which resonates at about 200 Hz) and  a test tube (which resonates at about 450 Hz).

Tomorrow I will set up a complete experiment to study the phenomena of volume resonance.


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