Monday, 23rd June 2014

Explored possibilities of obtaining Lissajous Figures using Square waves with various values of phase difference. Repeated the experiment with sine waves. Phase difference can be added with a capacitor and resistor circuit.

Started working on an experimental setup to produce these pattern in 3 Dimensions using Laser and Speakers. For this I need an amplifier to drive two speakers. Sine waves and the required phase difference can be obtained from ExpEYES with python code. I could get beautiful  Lissajous figures using manual method . Used two speakers with amplifiers and laser. Sine waves are obtained from AFO.

Need to do this with ExpEYES. It will be a very compact and most affordable set-up to produce Laser Lissajous Figures in 3D.

these concepts have been included in First Year B.Sc. Course of most of Indian universities. Students study these things only in theory and the never get to see the real Lissajous figures. . Our project has a potential to change this effectively. Hope it will be ready soon…..

Tonight, Evaluation Links will be enabled on Google-melange site. Need to prepare and submit the mid-term evaluation.

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