GSoC weekly report 1

Its the time to write my first weekly report.
This week I continued working on linear air track. The set up is ready but giving some problems due to friction at some points.

Wrote a program  to access SRF05 ultrasonic sensor and could get the first positive result in my lab  [  at my home 🙂  ].

Ajith sir helped me with a call function ‘srfechotime’ to access srf sensor module.

I’d like to improve it and add many things to it to create  a GUI where all the three graphs ( position, velocity and acceleration ).

This week I could also set up experiment with oscillations of spring. Need to modify the srf code to plot Energy graphs from position.

Need to commit these code lines to Git.



  • Motion sensor got spoiled ( may be due to wrong connection) need to find out the exact reason so that this can be avoided from happening again.
  • There is little friction at some points on linear air track. Need to get it polished.
  • Faced problems in calculating acceleration and plotting it against time.

Since I am a  beginner in the field of programming, I need to work really hard on the following things

  • Get familiar with  Github procedures.
  • Work on Designing GUI using python ( Currently not able to alter the graph scale )
  • Documentation of all experiments in detail.
  • Commenting in the code.

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