GSoC Weekly Report 2

Last week I spent most of my time reading  documentation and tutorials on Git. Now little confident of my Git repository work.

After having  many trials and failed attempts of plotting acceleration graphs,  yesterday got it  working. feeling happy….

Now this program can be used in many experiments  in mechanics.  Spring oscillations experiment is also ready.

Need to polish the programs add user friendly details on the GUI. It will be a good idea If I can add schematic experimental setup on the GUI itself. It will help students to explore these experiments on their own.

This weeks work in points

  • Got the linear air track polished . problem of friction is partially solved.
  • Code to plot position time graph is completely ready. Need to add comments and commit on GITHUB.
  • First success with acceleration time graph. Need to work on GUI
  • Designed three new experiments with sound waves by manual methods.
  • We need TWO sine wave generators. Ajith Sir  has promised to help with the electronic design. Right now could get sine waves fro microcontroller board connected to expeyes. ( the code is from Kishore A)
  • Need to write detailed reports and daily commits.

Next week I must work more on the repository.

Here is the link