GSoC Weekly Report 3

Third week of coding was very much productive.

We could plot position -time and velocity-time graphs using  the time and position data obtained from SRF 05 Sensor. I just moved  a notebook in-front of the sensor, up and down  and could plot position against time . But the plots were little noisy and giving unusable estimates of  the acceleration.

Therefore  I had to spend time to understand some filtering techniques. Google Search led me to the Kalman filter which is is a mathematical method that uses noisy measurements observed over time to produce values that tend to be closer to the true values of the measurements and their associated calculated values. With the inputs from my colleagues at FOSSASIA I could gather some good information about filtering techniques.

Experiment with Spring oscillations is also set up and could generate plots. GUI needs to be created for this experiment.

For experiments with Sound related phenomena we used two microHope boards to convert square wave into a sine wave. Wrote programs for two sound experiments. For reference, Used programs written by Dr. Ajith Kumar, the inventor of ExpEYES.

Tried the experiments with square waves SQR1 and SQR2 from ExpEyes kit. We are also working on preparing a stand alone board which can give variable frequency sine waves. This will be useful in  experiments like interference of sound, phenomena of beats and Lissajous figures.Uploaded these programs to Git repo.

This weeks work in points

  • Written python Codes for following mechanics experiments
  1. Study of One dimensional motion by plotting Position Time Graph
  2. Study of phase relation in graphs using two sensors.
  3. Plotting velocity-time and acceleration-time graph.
  • Code to use Two sensors simultaneously is ready to be tested tested. Used SQR1 and IN1 channels for accessing the second sensor.
  • Experimental set up to determine Spring Constant by method of oscillations is ready. Tested the code.
  • Set up for producing sine waves from square waves is ready. Using two MicroHope kits. We are working on a stand alone kit which can produce two variable sine waves.
  • Tried some filtering techniques for plotting smooth acceleration graphs.

To Do Next Week

  • Set up experiments involving collisions
  • Set-up experiment to determine acceleration due to gravity by motion on incline.
  • Write code for using photo-gates for determination of speed and acceleration.
  • Write code for plotting multiple graphs on a screen.
  • Main Focus Next week will be on completing documents on experimental procedures and uploading them on Gtt.