Thursday, 7th August 2014

Today in the morning, I reached IUAC (Inter University Accelerator Cenre ) New Delhi. Started working on the experiment program codes with Ajith sir. We got the air-track set-up for doing the mechanics experiments. Repeated some of the motion related  experiments to study the changes required.

We modified the program for using srf module to plot position time graph. Now we can fetch the position-time data and store it in a file and then plot the p-t, v-t and a-t graphs.

We wrote another program to plot this graph in real -time. This program enables students to see the graph in real time as the glider moves on the air track. Here is the experimenta set up…



We also set-up a pendulum experiment using a thick metal block and suspended it using  long strings to have a pendulum of large time period.

The program is written to plot the position of pendulum using motion sensor. Committed the same to Git repository. The plot shows the smooth sine curve of oscillations.


Tried the experiment with motion sensor using toy cars. this can be an amazing demonstration experiment for highschool students.

toy car

Tomorrow we will work on sound experiments and finish the required programs.




Coding Has Begun………

Today is the first day of coding. Really excited  but little scared too….. with the responsibility that has come with this oppurtinity to contribute to the open source community.

Yesterday got a mail from Payoneer saying “Google Summer of Code has transferred a payment to your bank account”. Got my first GSoC payment. This is really a great news as I have already spent  about Twenty Five Thousand  Rupees on procuring the required equipments for development like Motion Sensors, Linear air track ( got it designed and manufactured locally…that saved a lot of money) Soldering Station and Air Blower.

Now its time that  I really need to dedicate more time for some serious work. Planned to complete at least one experiment involving linear motion on frictionless platform. with a code for GUI to plot position- time graph. Earlier one attempt is failed due to malfunctioning of the sensor. I have procured new ultrasonic  sensor SRF 05 from fab-to-lab Bangalore.
Need more pieces  but its difficult to obtain these sensors as they are to be imported from China.

Also need to set up Linear air Track. Write document on design of low cost  Linear air track.