Experiments with ExpEYES being developed as a part of my GSoC project


  1. Motion Graphs
  2. Conservation of Momentum
  3. Uniformly accelerated motion
  4. Conservation of mechanical energy
  5. Collisions (elastic and inelastic)
  6. Acceleration due to gravity
  7. Friction
  8. Young’s modulus ( cantilever method)
  9. Rolling balls, cylinders and tubes down on an inclined plane


  1. Oscillations of a simple pendulum
  2. Coupled Pendulums (with spring)
  3. oscillations of loaded spring
  4. Frequency of spring pendulum and spring constant
  5. Damped oscillations of spring in various liquid media
  6. Chladni Figures
  7. Lissajous figures
  8. Forced oscillators and resonance


  1. Sound as a sine wave
  2. Generate and visualize sound waves
  3. Resonator
  4. Helmholtz resonator
  5. Doppler Effect
  6. Velocity of sound

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