GSoC weekly Report 8

( From Monday 7th July 2014 to Sunday, 13th July 2014)

This week till 11th July 2014 I was in Montpellier, France, participated in Libre Software Meeting RMLL-2014.  Returned back today early in the morning.

This week I had experienced some good and some horrible things too.

The good things ….

  • I got to meet many people actively contributing to Free Software World.
  • Had interaction with Richard Stallman (RMS) of Free software Foundation. He was happy to see development of  ExpEYES.
  • I could spend some time with Georges who helped me with my GSoC project. We worked on GUI’s required for mechanics and sound Plugins. He also guided with packaging.

& The horrible things

  • Loosing my baggage in air travel….lost my acoustic and light  sensors, ExpEYES kit, A tablet  and other asccessories required for my ExpEYES experiments 🙁

………. Fortunately I have some extra ultrasonic sensors at home.


The only productive thing is that I could work on GUI’s for experiments with friction, Doppler Effect as I had data obtained from experiments that I did at home before leaving to France. As I am lagging behind my planned schedule I need to accelerate and work 24X7 this week so that I can finish documentation of all experiments and GUI’s by 20th of this month as planned.

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